If you’re uploading or not.!?

CEO Daniel Romero Jr gives you this to ponder, if you have uploaded I see nothing uploaded they’re stealing your uploads if you haven’t then I’m right nobody uploaded anything. I am sorry if they’re probably ripping off your uploads or they are just good people that only seen the few uploads on ArtsTic. I wonder if people are being stolen from when there is many people coming to ArtsTic and no content wouldn’t bring traffic and nobody would visit unless they’re farming or harvasting the uploaded content and molding your point of view of ArtsTic as a evil site when it is a cultural site I would never delete uploaded content if there were artwork photos uploaded on ArtsTic I just see nobody has uploaded anything if you did they farmed and harvested your artwork without my permission. They are out to steal all of your time and energy and make me the normal guy Daniel Romero jr to be a criminal I don’t even do wrong I have a strong ethic to do right never wrong. They keep me like an animal to profit from using ArtsTic to pay their way when I didn’t open ArtsTic the site, the inc, the ArtsTic anything to do anything more than be a hobby and a fun site to show a good time to visitors giving them a chance to maybe put some artwork in the arts and culture, ArtsTic arts show!!! If you didn’t upload then I’m right nothing bad or unethical occured it is what I see it is too a site nobody should come to if there is no content but they do because someone probably set them up to get their content stolen or it is what I can see to fun and just the few uploads when a site with no content can’t get traffic nobody would visit or I’m right they lie to get you here to steal from me and my users because the world and it’s vastness is easy to hide from someone they know where they are and you users don’t know where they are but they could be robbing me and my users when I give them a chance to be ethical. The people that could be robbing ArtsTic and their CEO could make their own way in life instead of stealing from ArtsTic and making me a criminal I haven’t even been arrested in twenty years or done anything wrong in about that time. If you upload thanks you’re funding thieves of ArtsTic’s values and community thanks you fuckin’ pieces of shit thanks if it is what we on ArtsTic do see just good and awesome people coming to ArtsTic with nothing to put on, worry, or pressured here it’s alright with you users coming bye it helps the arts and culture to see ArtsTic interest you to use very valuable time coming to ArtsTic. Why would they rip off ArtsTic there aren’t people like that naw it’s the way we see it nobody uploads they just call ArtsTic home when they visit my domain ArtsTic, thanks again for coming!!!

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