I wish I could escape these people.

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All they want is something from me they act like they grew up poor and always want something from me when it comes to money at least hide you people were broke before it’s so pathetic I see the broke life you lived in the ways you always want things from me after I made a few million. It’s the way you people are why couldn’t you make your own way in life rather than looking like you grew up broke wanting something from me I see you your broke and poverty raised habits everytime you want something from me and I am sure others would too if you beat Instagram to a million users by 1 month maybe 1 1/2 months you’re probably not even afraid people see when you bum from me I do see it and as one man I who got to a million before instagram did who, how, what, and how come am I? and you are, o yeah those broke habit bums. Gnaw they don’t know hopefully you do something big so you can quit going after my site, my stuff, and my things like money.!!

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