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I hope you like the few new additions to artstic like free file share and donate to

I want you to have stuff to do here so I am giving more to look at and interact with on I hope you consider I am a far lesser artist than you all I could do was give myself a new title (OMO) One Man Operation. Thanks for visiting the ad in the Weekly Alibi in Albuquerque, NM will be running and the t shirts are being given out and will be ordered again sorry if I couldn’t get you one. From OMO/Creator/Owner Daniel Romero.

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Wow welcomes 85,000+members going far beyond what was expected by me.

I care about and I really care about the users that have a place that is Arts in supports free expression of the Arts and remains for artists, types of arts, and artwork, art galleries, museums, art people, arts, arts, arts using the keyword Art to find paintings, dance, arts stuff hopefully art orientation topics, art dealers, alot of arts, art expressionism, art and arts is I hope you see when you visit or join is intended for only Arts. I know you are all talented artists I have done my best work I can possibly do in helping your artwork get to people in art is for artists and solely for the purpose of Arts. You should spread the word if you’re not in the Arts you might fall behind how talented the people here truly are the way I see it you are losing time to a greater artist or artists I could find inspiration from in changing my life here that is allowed here while anything that helps Arts or contributes to Arts is appreciated. I look at the members increasing I believed there were alot of artists but I didn’t know there were 85,000+ people more talented than I’ll ever be yet I can feel inspired to paint inspired because they are talented in the Arts than I could dream. I welcome your awesome talent it may not be much from I built this site more for people talented and amazing thanks for coming to from Owner/Creator Daniel Romero Jr.

Posted on now offers file upload, sharing and your art can get even further!

Hopefully if I did it right people can upload and download files with I just put it up tonight I haven’t had much time to test it so share away your art, arts videos, painting sessions where hopefully people can download it and watch you everyday maybe inquire to buy a piece of your artwork. I hope you like what I have done so let people know is where they can upload and download files. From Owner/Creator Daniel Romero.

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Welcomes to everyone helping reach 80,000+ members wowza!!!

When I built I didn’t expect much but a few goals and now that the goals that I thought possible like a couple hundred members were reached my mind can’t believe the attention or something else has kept growing enough to pass 75,000 members I never would have believed it a couple months ago if someone would have told I’d be on with 80,000 super talented other people and super talented is the best way I can describe it when I learn the right way to say it because I know you’re far more talented at the arts than I could describe. I appreciate the word of mouth is getting from a local free paper the ad is neat and we’re printing our own T-shirts with on them and giving them away. I wish you an awesome weekend you’re so great at the arts I hope you never quit. From Creator/Owner/1manOperation Daniel Romero.

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Yay ‘o yay cheers to getting 75,000+ members!

What a great accomplishment and right before the first advertisement runs in the paper. We’ve hit 75,000 members I can believe it because everyone is very talented at the arts and is about the artists especially those that need a channel an arts channel to get their work from the studio to the people who might be an art dealer or someone to get them a show you’re all artstic and I’m super grateful you decided to join and for those who just pass through I appreciate it. On Wednesday will be in it’s first advertisement in Albuquerque’s Weekly Alibi I’m going to get a few copies to remember the day got to print. Wow ‘o well 75,000 members another great milestone happened just today!!! From Owner/Creator Daniel Romero. ps keep telling people about a ps from Creator/Owner Daniel Romero.

Posted on reaches 70,000+ members aspiration achieved!

What can I say but this site has gone beyond what I thought it could do. I started it just wanting to show some art now it has over 70,000 members and continues to grow. It amazes me that with everyday has gone past my belief it’d have 10,000 members at the most and would be a small site like a small family. From what people tell me it is a large site today people are opening profiles adding pages and hopefully finding opportunities to sell their art and maybe I helped a couple people find art shows. I know you’re all talented and I appreciate you joining up it’d be silly to ask for anything more since membership sign ups have surpassed my highest estimate in 70,000+ members. It’s not really up to me where it goes I did my part when it hit 10,000 members now all I can do is maintain it and keep it open and watch closely where goes from today. My goal still remains to help artists get their art to people like dealers and other artists. You’re all super talented and I hope you spread the word about and the possibilities it could make for artists from painters to musicians, dancers to actors. Thanks from Creator/Owner Daniel Romero.

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68000+ members all perfect artists I get to put artwork on an art site here anytime!!!

I’m determined to do all I can to keep open for the whole year and my goal is to make the sacrifices like I did with painting to do it. I love to post on artwork I do my art has a home. It makes it outta the lonely studio hopefully into sight and I got another show maybe helped get me into this group show in October as long as artists have opportunities here because of orientation with arts like painting, music, dance etc. is all good in the hood. We’re getting close to 69,000 members all talented all mind blowing I can’t wait to see if I can keep it open for as long as the year is and maybe longer if I can afford it I’ll do it for you peeps on here I gotta I can’t let you down I’ll work on it for you I hope we will always have an arts oriented site called From Creator/Owner/1 Man Operation Daniel Romero.

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what sort of painter r u?

Do you give yourself an art form title or do your critics define your paint or both or more just asking all of you every one of you are better than me at art yet I painted almost 7000 paintings i knew i couldnt be better than all of you i just paint action and abstract expressionism.

Posted on is good art therapy for art addiction.

Well I need to stay away from painting I use this site in times when I can’t paint at the moment and talking to artists about paint helps with the need to paint at times I cant. I wonder if I’m the only one that uses artstic to stop the painting and the pain in painting I say is good therapy because using art in type and connecting it to moments of art let’s me know paint is real. I gotta quit painting.

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People on include photos and docs with your comments if you want.

I just put in a new feature so when your leaving a post you can get video feedback like photos and whatever someone could think of like a video of how much they love your talent in art and at painting I hope critics leave you deals and art buyers see your artwork. Thanks I know I’ll find this new feature on useful heck I find it useful before I even used it it makes me happy knowing it’s probably fun to use I’m gonna try it. From Creator/CEO/Inventor Daniel Romero.

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