I am truly grateful for this opportunity to share this music that comes through me, to the world. It  is my prayer that this music can be of service to people as well as this planet, uplifting and awakening those who listen, bringing more healing, transformation, joy and ultimately peace.

Have you listened to my new album? —>> ELEMENTAL BEING  


About the album: This is musical medicine in honor of Mama Gaia- our Living Mother Earth. We are all a part of this sacred web of life and we have the power to intentionally co-create our realities as embodied “elemental beings,” and become clear channels to the source of power that created this dream of life. At an Elemental level we are all made up of the same stuff that makes the stars, that flows in the rivers, that dwells in the depths of the oceans and that soars at the highest mountain peaks.
​We are all a part of this magical, miraculous mystery- Beings of the Earth, Air, Water and Fire- and we are Spirit, eternal and undying. May we honor this Elemental Being within us all.
​May these songs inspire reverence and connection to this magnificent living earth and remembrance of the deep meaning and purpose of your life. May this music make you move with the rhythms and sounds of nature~ the waters, the birds, the insects, the breezes through the trees, the ocean waves…..

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You can  join my Patreon  to be more connected to me in a co-creative way! 
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Let’s put an END to single use/Plastic water bottles please & thank you.

​Get your “NECTARS OF LIFE” water vessel now
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Bless up your Water with the divine virtues of:
The design is of a hummingbird tapping into a sacred geometry flower design, which is actually the geometry of the 8 year cycle of Venus around the Sun! And so the energies of this Symbol hold the codes of Venus (Beauty, Creative Arts, Love) as well as the medicine totem of the Hummingbird, a messenger of joy and freedom.
Drink Deep in the Nectars of Life.
​Love, Mary Isis



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