How to Become An IAS Officer After 12th? How to Study for the UPSC IAS Exam?

Want to be a part of the Indian Administrative Services? Have you decided that the corridors of power are for you? Great. But, if you are still some years from appearing in the UPSC civil services exam, you can well utilize the interim period to strengthen some core skills required. Concentrate on finishing your graduation and then embark on serious study only at the right time.

You should get going now, but, as I said I do not mean at all that you should immediately open your books and start cramming. No point in doing that, as you might not remember all that you study now.

How to Study for UPSC?
As you have ample time, you could decide when you shall be appearing for the exam. Maybe, 3-4 years down the line. It will help you focus. Now, what can you do, that will help you prepare for IAS? You need to develop skills that are a must if you want to clear the UPSC.

How to Clear UPSC?
Following are some of the required skills for cracking the UPSC civil services exam. Other than these skills, there are certain criteria based on educational qualification, age relaxation to appear on the exam.

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By Robert

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