“Games as a service” is fraud.

The most comprehensive video on “games as a service” and why it’s fraud that you’re likely to see. WARNING: This is more boring than my usual videos.

This was created as the beginning of an effort to get law authorities to examine this practice. Feel free to contact me about this topic. Contents below:

2:45 Definition
8:09 Goods and Services
9:52 Legal argument: Games are goods
17:08 Legal argument: Ownership of goods
24:24 Legal argument: Programmed Obsolescence
31:21 Intermission
31:51 Conceptual Argument on games being services
42:23 Preservation Argument on games being services
47:31 Counterarguments & Concerns
1:10:00 Ending + Plan of what to do

Link to download information + links in video:!izpiAArA!omBmDD4MvYoTlQfuxY_OQwfEqrvGJc_CPQJxbGpYXdI



By D

College graduate.