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G Stone Crips

G Stone Crip is a set of the


gang. They’re predominantly located in Brooklyn, NY. This particular set of the Crips is a little different from the Crips located in LA because they’ve also adopted certain symbols that are similar to Chicago gang symbols. The G Stone Crips were at war with a local gang known as BMW (Brooklyn’s Most Wanted), the war was sparked in 2011 when a member of the BMW gang shot and killed the G Stone Crip’s leader,

Tyrese “” Gary

. Following the death of Tyrese Gary, numerous back and forth shootings were linked to the war between the two gangs. In 2013, the NYPD claimed that it had decimated the BMW gang by arresting all of their members on various charges. Rapper

Bobby Shmurda

is an affiliate of the G Stone Crip. The


are at war with all


in their turf and the 6 Tre Outlaw

Gangster Disciples

in Flatbush and are allies to

Zoe Pound

, most notably



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