COVID-19 Brings Long Lost Sisters Together After 50 Years

A pair of sisters who hadn’t seen each other for over 50 years were serendipitously reunited this week in a Nebraska nursing home.

Together at Last

Bev Boro, 53, is a medication aid at Dunklau Gardens in Fremont, Nebraska. As she was looking over her patient list, she was elated to recognize the name of Doris Crippen, the half-sister she had spent years trying to locate.

Crippen, 73, was recovering from COVID-19 at Boro’s place of work. She had previously been hospitalized for over a month at Nebraska Medicine, where she was treated for the coronavirus, as well as a broken arm that resulted from a COVID-related fall.

Using a whiteboard to communicate with Crippen, who is hard of hearing, Boro was able to confirm that they share a father, one Wendall Huffman.

Separate Lives

Born to different mothers and raised in different households, Crippen and Boro never knew each other. They also had fairly different upbringings. In fact, Boro had ended up in the foster care system when she was less than 6 months old, but was eventually adopted.

Wendall Huffman, meanwhile, fathered 10 children with three different women. Crippen was his firstborn while Boro was his youngest.

But in spite their distant childhoods, the women said they had spent years searching for one another. While they knew each other’s names, they struggled to find contact information for the other. Now, Crippen says that her critical COVID-19 case was, after all, “a blessing.”

“I am the happiest person in the world,” she said. “I cannot believe I finally found my sister.”

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By Daniel Romero

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