WRAP Car bombs kill at least five in Baghdad

Baghdad’s al-Sinaa neighbourhood
1. Wide of blast scene with group of policemen and residents
2. Various of blast scene with police and onlookers
3. Various of damaged cars
4. Various of destroyed houses and debris
5. Crater filled with water caused by blast
6. Burnt out car
6. Damaged police vehicle
7. Devastation and debris on ground at blast scene
8. Zoom into blood stained wall of building
9. Damaged car being towed away from blast scene with US soldiers walking near area
10. Wide of onlookers at blast scene
11. SOUNDBITE: (Arabic) Mohammed Hassan, eyewitness:
“A car bomb, a minibus, exploded here causing so many casualties.”
Baghdad’s Hurriya neighbourhood
12. Wide of blast scene with people sweeping debris into large pile and police car arriving (UPSOUND: siren)
13. Various of wrecked cars with Iraqi troops and people
14. Damaged vehicle being towed away from blast scene
15. Damaged shops with men stood outside damaged photography studio
16. SOUNDBITE (Arabic) Eyewitness, No name given:
“There were civil servants standing there and a driver of a minibus was injured and a woman was killed.”
(Question: Where?)
“In Hurriya neighbourhood.”
17. Various of blast scene
Baghdad’s Kadhimiya neighbourhood
18. Exterior of al-Kadhimiya Teaching Hospital
19. Sign reading “al-Kadhimiya Teaching Hospital”
20. Pan of injured people on beds being treated by medical staff
21. Blood spattered floor of ward
22. Various of injured being treated by medical staff
23. Wide of crowd and medical staff in ward
A parked car bomb exploded near the Passports Directorate and a police station in Baghdad’s al-Sinaa neighbourhood on Thursday, killing four people and wounding 22 others, police said.
Four policemen were among the wounded, police said.
“A car bomb, a minibus, exploded here causing so many casualties,” Mohammed Hassan, an eyewitness said.
The blast created a large crater in the street in front of the office building, destroyed at least three cars, scattered debris and knocked down the walls of a neighbouring house AP Television News footage showed.
The blast occurred a few hours after a car bomb exploded in northwest Baghdad, killing one civilian and wounding 13 others, police said.
The car bomb apparently missed its target of a police patrol in the predominantly Shiite neighbourhood of Hurriya.
The attack, which took place just after dawn, damaged several civilian cars and shops outside a photography studio.
The injured were taken from Hurriya to al-Kadhmiya Teaching hospital for treatment.
The blasts come one day after a series of explosions rocked the Iraqi capital claiming the lives of at least 39 people and wounding dozens on Wednesday.
The unrelentless attacks have come despite a massive month-long security crackdown around the capital by 12-thousand US and Iraqi troops.

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