What is Computer Engineering?

Computer engineering is the combination of electrical engineering and computer science. Computer engineering majors will take basic circuit analysis classes where they will learn about voltage and current in resistor, capacitor, and inductor circuits.

They will learn the basics of binary and how computers read 1’s and 0’s. Additionally computer engineers learn about memory, registers, microprocessors, and more of the computer hardware.

Computer engineers will then share many of their classes with computer scientists where they will learn computer programming.

The curriculum will consist of at least learning C and java. C programming can then be applied to programming hardware like robotic vehicles.

After learning different aspects of programming, computer engineers will have an option to take various elective classes that focus on specific aspects of either computer engineering, computer science, or electrical engineering. Computer engineering is a very flexible major because of having experience on both the hardware and software side so you can cater your career path based on your interests.


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