24/7 O&A Ch. 2 | Patrice, Louis CK, Bill Burr, Colin Quinn, Nopie, Jocktober

[Update – 8:22pm EST | January 8th, 2019]

Congrats guys — in around 6 months (August 13th 2018 – January 8th, 2019) this Channel 2 stream had 334,000+ unique viewers racking up 22 million minutes of watchtime with an average view duration of 1 hour, 6 minutes!

We have updated our server with more HD space and have added several new collections. As always, this Channel 2 playlist is more dedicated to long form audio and full appearances from the Cellar Table type of core O&A comedian friends, along with NOpie & Jocktober.

Here is the new current rotation:

Audio of full appearances from

* Patrice O’Neal
* Louis CK
* Bill Burr
* Colin Quinn
* Nick DiPaolo
* Doug Stanhope
* Jim Jefferies
* Otto & George
* Pat Cooper

also featuring

* NOpie
* Jocktober

Further updates to the video interface (try to improve it in terms of the information shown on screen, etc.) and possibly some more playlist updates in the near future.

Hope you guys enjoy, any questions comments suggestions feel free to send them to me at


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