taking escapism to the next level

Welcome to the first of our semi-weekly official prompts! With these we hope to get you to explore elements of your world that you’d never considered, and see where you can take them!

We also hope to highlight some users, as we’ll be selecting two responses– One of our choice, and the comment that receives the most upvotes, to showcase next time!

But the thing is it won’t be just one prompt, it’ll be a collection of related ones! And answering them all is the best way to get points from us mods.

For our first time, we’ll be doing these prompts suggested by u/IcyNinji:

  • What happens to the abandoned, orphaned, or bastard children of your world?

  • What kind of facilities exist to keep them safe, and who runs them?

  • What is adoption like, what is the process?

  • Are there any laws in place to protect these unfortunate youths?

  • How are bastard children seen in the culture, if indeed they are at all?

  • What kind of life could a child like this hope to have as they grow?


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