AJS News – Video Games BLAMED, E3 Data Breach, Ninja LEAVES Twitch, Ooblets Oopsie, Activision Lies!

AJSA Posters ► [15%off Code: AngryJoeShow] In this HUGE News Dump Episode we cover all the latest most important Gaming News stories over the past 2 weeks! Video Games being Blamed again, E3 Data Breaches, Ninja leaves Twitch for Mixer, Ooblets does the thing, Scumbags at Activision adds microtransactions to Crash Team Racing and much more!

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Clips Used:

Timestamp Stories:
0:00 – AJS Updates
0:53 – Trial by Trolley Sponsor
3:17 GTAV Casino Microtransactions
5:19 FIFA Makes more on Ultimate Team than Game
8:41 EA Data Breach & Personal Info Leak
10:22 Google Stadia
12:45 Ninja Leaves Twitch for Mixer in Huge Deal
16:42 Destiny 2 Delays
17:47 Mechwarrior 5 Delays & Epic Store Exclusive
19:02 Ooblets developer does the thing.
22:07 Video Games are to blame for Tragedies
32:18 Activision puts Microtransactions in Crash Team Racing
33:55 Wolfenstein Youngblood Sucks & Bethesda’s Failures