Morgellons Disease

With records relationship back well into the seventeenth century, the so called phenomenon or largely referred to by the medical care givers as a delusional psychosis’ is today known primarily as Morgellons Disease. The medical career has regularly denied the alleged phenomenon of fiber like strands appearing to develop via the skin and out of the human body as any type of ‘medical’ disease. The have continued to insist that individuals who insisted they have been suffering from these bizarre signs were ‘all’ in reality suffering from a delusional parasitosis and required psychiatric analysis or treatment. The entomology division of the Oklahoma State University was commissioned to undertake a detailed research of individuals allegedly suffering from Morgellons Illness and after completion of their tests and research, even they said their research had discovered no evidence to support this as being any type of disease which will have been caused by bugs or mites and again, their overall opinion was that the individuals studies were ‘all’ suffering from delusions. This for my part is kind of a remarkably negative statement to make regarding so many people which might be suffering from the identical issues.

From my very own analysis into ‘Morgellons’ and having read by endless articles, studies, blogs and different documents pertaining to the topic, I have now shaped an opinion on what these strange and differing types of fibrous development that seem to develop out via human skin ought to be more accurately referred to. To begin with, it needs to be identified that these apparently rising fibers which might be being found in humans vary fairly dramatically it shade, look, texture and growth rates. It has been found that many of those fibers when exposed to Ultra Violet light appear to glow in certain areas of their makeup. Therefore, primarily based on my collation of notes and research so far, I’ve reached an opinion that this phenomenon referred to as Morgellons Disease is the truth is a disease of sorts. The common denominator of self growing fibers or artificial hairs that everybody appears so fascinated with are what I’ve chosen to call here ‘Mixed Biosynthetic Nanoids’ ( Nano Particles ) and that maybe a greater reference to Morgellons would be to say ‘it is more of a process that’s occurring within the body’ quite than a traditional illness scenario. Present research by many outstanding scientists has begun to supply verification that this problem isn’t of a delusional nature however in reality a real and debilitating syndrome that is genuinely being suffered by a growing number of individuals in lots of geographic areas. It isn’t a figment of Delusional Psychosis as those many medical docs keep on insisting.

There has been much dialogue whereby comparisons and alliances have been considered between Morgellons Illness and human infestation ( Colonization ) by the Collembola Mite, Spring Tails and even different types of mite. In more latest instances, within the journal of bionanotechnology there may be information with regards to toxicity and diseases caused by nanoparticles Silica. Reading collective information printed by 116 scientists, treating biofilms naturally investigators and researchers references and after reviewing the publications of those 116 investigators, you come to realize just like they did that Morgellons is sort of certainly a illness and not a hallucination. From personal expertise it has been discovered that many sufferers of each Morgellons and Collembola can turn into totally exasperated and almost ( If not totally ) suicidal in lots of cases. It has also been noted that in cases the place couples are both affected especially by Collembola, it seems to be the female who is more affected as in opposition to her male partner. The overall signs and effects always look like more prominent each physiologically and psychologically in the female sufferer.

From the persevering with analysis on Morgellons by Oklahoma State University, the next statistical factors were recorded and revealed by Randy S. Wymore, Ph.D. Director of Research, and Rhonda Casey, D.O. Affiliate Professor of Pediatrics. Morgellons sufferers differ from classical, delusional parasitosis sufferers in several areas. They do not reply to antipsychotics, although these treatment for those that take them do appear to help with the itching and crawling sensations on the skin, and new lesions continue to seem upon complete cessation of handbook excoriation. As a result of sensation of foreign materials of their tissue, that has been described as sharp, stinging and/or splinter like, the patient may have discovered the fibers prior to in search of medical care, and will even current them for examination. They also said that; after acquiring careful patient hitales and thorough physical examination, we have determined that Morgellons sufferers have several necessary distinctions ruling out the prognosis of DOP. This population of sufferers ceaselessly exhibit the following symptoms:

Distinct and poorly healing skin lesions with unusually thick, membranous scarring upon eventual healing. Moderate to excessive pruritis at sites of lesions as well as un-erupted skin. Microscopic examination of those lesions will most frequently reveal the presence of unusual fibers, which may be black, blue or red. These fibers, which many well beingcare providers initially thought to be textile contaminants, are sometimes current in the deep tissue of biopsies obtained from unbroken skin of individuals with this condition. Careful examination of those fibers further reveals that they are ceaselessly associated with hair follicles, and are undoubtedly not textile in origin. Most of those sufferers undergo from a host of neurological signs which can vary in severity from mild to severe. These neurological signs embrace peripheral tingling, paresthesias and ranging degrees of motor involvement which appear to progress. Intermittent cognitive and behavioral status adjustments are sometimes noticed and likewise appear to progress with the severity of disease. This is usually referred to as “brain fog” by the patient as they expertise a waxing and waning of this symptom. Laboratory findings in these patients are variable, however often reveal eosinophilia and elevated ranges of Immunoglobin E. It is worth mention that a large number of fibers collected from a range of patients across the United States had been taken and checked against all identified fibers contained within the intensive forensic data base of the FBI. No match or even close to math was ever found.