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ArtsTic gets nuked by hosting provider loss of 21000+ members.

It was a bad day over a month of work and 21000+ member profiles were destroyed by hosting so ArtsTic is back where it was over a month ago. I can’t believe I didn’t do this usually I’m to blame or be given the credit for what happens here on ArtsTic but this time I don’t want to name any names but you guys did what you wanted not what I asked and 21000+ members are gone and their data is gone like their posts, media, and stores you cost them a lot. Not to mention thousands of comments gone. You at hosting should make it up not just to me but all the people you screwed and give them something free too you were never a bum to me but you were a bum today. Ya’h suck! Guy who helped me I hope you get fired. From ArtsTic creator/owner Daniel Romero.