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I noticed a small problem is posting slower probably because of the traffic has never seen this many users and traffic if you hit post update when posting in my profile and it is taking awhile refresh and your update should post I also noticed when posting pictures and comments together doing this same procedure may delete the attempt to post pictures and words together. I hope this helps you thanks from owner/creator/inventor Daniel Romero.

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New High for, drumroll.., 50,000 members!!! Yeaah!

Early today we, us, reached member number 50,000. That beat and it’s last mark of 45,000 members let me say it straight out it’s because of you. You’re the most talented groups of artists all in one place I can imagine the power you have together in the art community across the globe. will remain true to being for artists and all forms of art hopefully users that are artists can find a way to get their art out of their hands and into someone’s hands who will love it on From Creator/Owner/Inventor Daniel Romero.

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Yess! reached member number 45,000 today, beyond expectations.

Good gawd has reached a popularity I the creator of it never even would hope for I felt I would have gotten my hopes too high a year ago or even months ago if I said would have 45,000 members someday. I would have said that but I never did I would have but I never seen it possible and if didn’t reach a milestone like 45,000 artists and I said it would and it didn’t I would have had to eat my words so I never said it I would have liked to have but I never thought it was possible. continues to amaze me and defy my expectations for with mind blowing performance. I wouldn’t have thought would have gotten this far ever congratulations to you the users you know a lot more about what’s cool, what’s new, and fresh enough to come to and defy any limits I could see for you are great and I congratulate you on being better artists that know what real opportunities has invented for art communities and taking advantage of the opportunities on for artists everywhere, artwork, theater, dance, painting, art forms, and artistry everywhere, you truly are artstic people, from creator/owner/inventor Daniel Romero.

Posted on is for more artists or less non artists opportunities to show your art to buyers.

I cannot dictate what you paint, draw, or be responsible for user actions, words, talents, and commitments I am not accountable for user behavior. I don’t care what you do you can make your choices do whatever isn’t responsible or asks you to be responsible hopefully you’re artists doesn’t provide limitations, aims to provide free speech in any words, and doesn’t stop free expression of art. is where it’s at there are possibly artists that can use what I built to get opportunity for their hard work in arts to artists, communities, and people in the Arts . Arts like artwork, music, dance, and theater intends to normalize the stigma of talented artists that are usually ignored roles as talented artists of the Arts and stays a website for artists, not fans, not critics, not friends, not sports, not serious in my mind I’m kidding there is a lot of things, stuff, and baggage with art sometimes you can do whatever can handle it’s not much I have to offer from Owner/Creator Daniel Romero.